Never-ending List of Favorite Stage Performances - Will Swenson as “Berger” in Hair

Hair was an all-around incredible show.  Incredible music, incredible energy, incredible staging, incredible ensemble.  Every person in the haggle of hippi was astounding in his or her own right.  But it was Will Swenson who stood out above the rest.  In George Berger, he went from wild audience-heckler to devious teenager to terrified friend with a presence that went unmatched.  He was crazy, belligerent, and athletic, and he went for it with his all, not holding anything back for the full two-and-a-half hours.  That kind of courage and electricity on stage can be a rare thing.  Swenson had me laughing to near tears during his opening monologue and had me in tears again at the end of the show when he called out for his missing friend.  I went back to see the show again and few months later and, if possible, he had gotten even better.  That one performance made me a lifelong Will Swenson fan.